La Voie Parfum

The Method

THE TRIPTYCH READING – Astrological Mandala, Landscape Identity, Olfactive journey to unveil your Trust Self, your mystery.


Astrology experimented as an antique Art reveals your personality, your singularity as well as your tendencies. It seems to be an esoteric mandala which well-interpreted reveals tremendous tools to access to the inner Self.


To set the scene, the first crucial moment is the reading of the natal chart. The music of the spheres is an ancient philosophical and mathematical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies – the sun and planets as a form of music. The interpretation of the chart requires considerable skills such as an extensive personal empirical observation of the many combinations of celestial cycles.


In the manner of the Emperor and the aristocrats from ancient China, you will seek wisdom through your Landscape Identity.

Becoming one with the landscape, we reveal ourselves.

This immersion into the immanence through nature and emotions opens a revelatory window into ourselves.


The second reading named the Landscape Identity, is inspired by the culture of ShanShui 山水, which means « the landscape » in ancient China. This art was born in the 3rd century and practiced by an elite of independent spirits, who sought to overcome the contradictions of involvement versus detachment in society. The emperor and the aristocrats were in search of immortality in the landscape. In the same manner of the ancient sages, the seeker is immersed in one of the eight painted views of the Xiao and Xiang, canonic scenes of nature of the 10th century.

The subconscious takes over and our inner world appears.

The interpretation of what is shared shows features and meanings regarding our state of mind, how we handle our life, in the now. It provides clues to finding the guiding thread that unearths the true Self.


Through an olfactive journey, the ultimate stage, you discover the story line of your life, abandoning the outside world and the past, and passing the threshold of the sensory experience.


It leads to the olfactive journey, the third reading, where the emotions will trace the path among 30 to 50 fragrances. By following them the seeker will embrace the intimacy of their soul. This will resonate as a familiar and truthful inner space.


Your perfume is your living signature through a mystical alchemy – encapsulating your buried desires or mysteries.